Interview the Vet in Your Life for the Library of Congress

In honor of Veterans’ Day yesterday, I want to promote a great project undertaken by the US Library of Congress.

I came across their booth while I was at the National Book Festival on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Congress created the “Veterans History Project” in 2000. It is a part of the permanent collections at the Library of Congress.

They are collecting interviews, memorabilia, original photos and historical documents from WWI up through all the recent wars/conflicts.

What I think is so interesting is that they are encouraging people to interview the vets in their life and submit the video or audiotapes. Once the items are processed, anyone who goes to the Library of Congress can view them.

In addition, each vet will have their own web page, once the contributions are processed.

Interview the veteran in your life! I will interview my Dad at Christmas; he was in the Navy Air Corps in WWII. You can download an interview kit at the Library of Congress web site or write the Library for more information.

Library of Congress Veterans Project:


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