Sketch Me a Story

I am re-posting my second favorite post from one year ago when I first rebranded my blog. My previous post was my all-time favorite. Next time, I’ll post something new. I hope you enjoy this one.

The Message Pub

I write longhand. Yes, with a sketch pad and a rollerball pen. When I get into my zone and write thousands of words at a sitting, I get callouses from the pen rubbing on my fingers.

Typewriters were once the writing instrument of choice. Think Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Tennessee Williams. Even today, some writers choose a typewriter rather than a computer. Think Larry McMurtry, poet Maya Angelou, Danielle Steel. (That’s not me in the picture. I think it’s Agatha Christie.)

typewriter writer

Although I’ve never used a typewriter for writing fiction, the idea prompts feeling of nostalgia — writers long ago, solitarily pounding out stories.

When I began delving into writing fiction a few years ago, I wrote on my laptop. The advice I googled online and found in books about the craft of writing went something like this: “Write as fast as you can, get it all out…

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4 Responses to Sketch Me a Story

  1. Jina Bazzar says:

    I learned to type on a typewriter, but I never wrote a story, much less a book on it. I tried writing on paper before, and yes, I ended up with callouses on the sides of my middle finger and index.
    Unlike you, I do my writing as it comes, I don’t stop for typos, plot holes, or even reason. Then I go back and start revising, editing and plucking holes. It takes months to get it into one coherent story. But on the other hand, if I try making sense while I go, I lose the thread of the story.
    That quote about the scenery by the way is lovely.

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  2. […] thoughtful and produce a well written 1st draft that is easier to revise. (See my previous post Sketch Me a Story.) At that time, I figured I’d rewrite the story somewhere down the […]


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