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This is the time of year I often neglect myself. Not on purpose. I enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the necessary preparation. My days are filled with doing for others, even more so than I usually do, and that’s a good thing. It’s a big part of who I am. However, the more personal things that feed my soul often fall by the wayside. I’m determined to try and fit them in this year.

What things? Writing, running, and reading. I have work. I’m dealing with my relatives’ estate. I have yard work, shopping, and soon I’ll be decorating and going to holiday parties. Already, I find myself saying, I’ll write later, I’ll run later, I’ll read tomorrow. And then I don’t.

A week ago, I decided to start my morning with a run. It was snowing. Nevertheless, I went out. Snow was beginning to blanket the grass but it hadn’t yet stuck to the sidewalks or roadway. It was cold. It was glorious. Snow quiets the world and quiets my thoughts. We got 10 inches that day.


I enjoy winter running if it’s not icy or windy. There’s something magical about it. I have all the gear, even though I wonder if I look like a criminal with the balaclava.


I’m also taking an hour – just an hour – to write in the evening. It’s difficult to tune everything else out and focus on my story. I succeed 3 or 4 times a week, and those small successes bring me joy and a happier outlook.


I try to read a novel once a week, again in the evening, an hour or two before bedtime. It helps me unwind.


Recently, I read a blog post about the importance of taking time for yourself, and then a friend mentioned the same thing. Sometimes I feel selfish when I have such a long to-do list. I have to remind myself that I’m happier, more positive and more energetic when I fuel my passions and feed my soul. It’s like the instructions on airplanes – if the oxygen masks drop, put yours on first, so you can help others. It’s the same theory, right? Then why is it so hard?




7 Responses to Words & Strides

  1. Bryan Fagan says:

    We our alone time. Never feel bad when you take it. It’s healthy. Enjoy your run. The snow is so much fun, isn’t it.

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    • Hi, Bryan. Thanks for the encouragement. The snow can be fun – if I’m running or cross country skiing. However, if I’m driving in it or shoveling it or stuck somewhere – not so much!


  2. Shelley says:

    I can relate so much to your post. It’s nice to see how you think through the process of taking care of yourself while you take care of others at the same time. Way to go out in the snow to run. Even with the proper gear, that’s not my thing, I’m afraid of falling on the ice. So I head to the treadmill, ‘cuz I can read and walk at the same time, and I get two of my ‘to-do-for-me-each-day’ things done at the same time! Happy Holidays to you!

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  3. lynnefisher says:

    I can relate to what it is you are having to remember to do for you – the exercise in the outdoors, the reading and writing. They go by the wayside for so many reasons, and then I blame myself for not having gotten around to them. We all seem to be busy, busy, busy, that it can feel indulgent to do the things that feed our spirit. Cheers for the reminder!

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  4. Jina Bazzar says:

    I can imagine running during the snow, it does sound wonderfully magical. Sadly, i’m the kind of person who bundles and hides under thick covers when I hear we’re having snow. But I do neglect myself a lot for the sake of others, so I get what you mean. It does feel like being selfish when your to do list is so long an you take an hour to do something for yourself.


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