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One of the nice things about writing is that you can do it anywhere, whether you use a laptop, a tablet or a pad of paper.

I have a great office on the 3rd floor of my home. When I first saw the house, I immediately coveted the third-floor space for writing. I’ve since made it my own, and I do most, but not all, of my writing there early in the morning.

my office


My sci-fi, fantasy, thriller short story came to life in a coffee shop. A busy coffee shop. One character looks like the nursing student who always sits in the corner studying. Another character looks like the boyfriend of one of the baristas.



I’ve written in a hotel room in Reno, Nevada, that boasts a fabulous view.



My first train journey inspired me to write as I looked out at the mountains.


A couple summers ago, I found myself writing at my beach house, with its view of one of the Great Lakes.

PH rainbow


In reality, I don’t need a nice view. When I write, I enter the world I’m creating and tune out my surroundings. Hours can pass without my noticing. Yet, I want a comfy or inspiring place to write.

My writing while viewing the mountains did not include mountains. Likewise for my writing while gazing at the lake.

Every once in a while, when I’m writing, I look up, and small things enter my consciousness. Like the nursing student I noticed in the coffee shop while I was first describing a character named Gina.

The lake and mountains show up in later writing, done in my office.

It’s amazing all the information and images our brains hold. When I write, I unconsciously sift through my experiences and pull out what I need. How cool is that?!

So, even though I can write anywhere, I seek out places that move or inspire or energize me, knowing that inspiration or feeling may not enter my writing for another week or month or longer or ever. Mostly, these places make me feel good in the moment.



5 Responses to Office, Coffee Shop, Mountains, Lake, Write

  1. You’ve described getting into the writing ‘groove’ so well. You’re right, our minds are incredible and our creativity can tap into memories in so many ways. I enjoyed the glimpse into your creative generating locations. A lovely post, thank you for sharing!

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  2. Over thirty years ago,I noticed an abandoned children’s home on the outskirts of my county while my dad taught me to drive.I used that home for a setting in a short story I wrote last year. You never know what will stick with you.

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  3. I accessed my mind to recall people and places from my life at a Starbucks in 1992, which I needed to populate my novel. I would trust my subconscious mind to deliver and once set it motion, it almost always did. It is all there in the mind somewhere…Thanks!

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