Is LinkedIn a Myth? A few tips and ?s

August 25, 2010

Have you or anyone you know gotten a new job through LinkedIn? I don’t know of anyone who has found a job that way, but I keep hearing over and over that LinkedIn is the place to be.  Examples and instructions abound on how to present the best you so that recruiters will find you:

Recruiters search daily to fill open jobs, so be sure to optimize your profile so you show up in their searches.

Searches are accomplished through keywords, so ensure you have the correct keywords in your profile.

Keyword searches specifically look at your status/title, summary and specialties.

Include descriptions and accomplishments with each of your previous jobs.

Target companies at which you’d like to work, and find connections who already work there.

Find connections at companies for which you have a job lead.

Go after multiple recommendations; this looks better.  Increase your number of contacts; this looks better. On the flip side, I’ve also read that neither of these things matter; it’s the profile that’s important.

Who knows? Do you? Are the recruiters looking here? Is LinkedIn the latest job hunting ground? Or is that a myth?

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