How are you getting your message out?

As a professional communicator, I utilize differing dissemination vehicles, depending upon the company and the message. Vehicles include traditional means, like newsletters, press releases and ads, along with electronic methods. A good marketing communications plan analyzes all the possible dissemination methods and capitalizes on the ones that will best reach target audiences. Below is a short list of ways to communicate your message. What would you add to the list?

newsletter or magazine

press release


media relationships – press coverage

community relationships

industry group memberships

web site







word of mouth

public speaking

networking/one-on-one meetings



2 Responses to How are you getting your message out?

  1. Hi Theresa!
    Are you the Theresa I know from OLS? If so, hello there!

    I would add MALL ADVERTISING via Backlit panels, Sky Murals, Food Court Advertising, etc….even street or sampling teams.

    This allows you to get your message to large numbers of potential prospects in your trading area quickly and cost effectively!



  2. Good ideas, Susan. Thanks for sharing them. And, yes, I am that Theresa. Did you have a different last name then?


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